#1- Do canoes foil?

While we allow a T foil rudder which does help (amongst other things) with reducing displacement there is no foil permitted on the centre board so we are a non foiling class.


#2- What is the average weight range of Canoe sailors?

Canoes have sailors ranging from flyweight (65KG or so) to heavyweights (120KG +)


#3 - How hard is it to recover from a capsize ?

 With the low free board most Canoes are easy to reboard (like a SUP/as seen above) & because they are so narrow the centre board is very close to the water when they lay on there side so it is an easy climb up!


#4 - How expensive are Canoes?

Entry level boats start at around $500 & prices for a complete new boat go up to around $30 000,00 (though there are many ways to bring that down)


#5 How many Canoes are in Australia?

We have a growing fleet & have issuied 41 hull numbers, of which 23 are sailing or for sale & 3 are still under construction.


#6 What is my ICAA membership used for

-maintain affiliation with Australian sailing

-cover website hosting & support/organisation costs

-Fund marketing & advertising to attract new members

-provide awards & organise merchandise as required

-insure & upkeep of Bunyip for use by members/class prospects


#7 What are the benefits of joining the ICAA

-being part of the AussieIC team

-free new boat registration

-national & regional championships are run at cost

-design, maintenance & sailing support 

-use of Bunyip at events (conditions apply)

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