Build options

There are several options with home built canoes if you are up for the challenge!


Machete- can be built in plywood over timber frames (the easiest option) or out of carbon/foam pressed into a female build (slightly harder)  jig. Plans available for $100 USD & consist of files to get your parts CNC cut so it is like putting a model together that you can use!

Maas 5- Plans are free but this is a project for those more experienced with composites & require templating the hull skins & a lot of decision making on how things go together. The hull is built out of carbon/foam pressed into a female build jig. Geoff Carne has just finished building Aus 37 & there are rumours of more boats coming in South Australia soon too!

Your own design-the hardest of them all! Hayden Virtue has now built his 3rd Canoe to his own design & usually goes with a male mould for the hull.

Super String Theory. Off sets are available & the choice of construction methods is up to you.


Dont forget, you can always get your local boat builder to build to one of the designs above as well.


Whichever way you go, if you choose to go down the self build path, even if it is only small components, you will get plenty of support from the IC crew.


Aussie Canoe build blog's & info

Phil's build (AUS21)         Phil’s build instructions

Christians build (AUS31)

Jethrows build (AUS33)

Geoff's Build (AUS37)

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