The IC is a boat which represents a long and complex evolution from paddle canoe to high performance racing dinghy. 

As it exists today the IC is a one-man Development Class of 5.2m in length, 0.75m minimum Beam and 50kg all up minimum weight powered by 10 square metres of sail. 

This allows 'One Design' Nethercott IC’s & Slurp's (which pre date the one design rule & are popular in GBR) to still measure in.

The IC is probably most characterized by its means of creating righting moment, the sliding seat. By no means unique, and certainly not new, the sliding seat is a beam that slides athwartships on a track, enabling the sailor to hike out far to windward. 

The result is a long, skinny boat, very light for its length and sail area, which goes very fast! 

The IC is more than a unique sailing craft. It is one of the premier one-person sailing challenges, and as an open design racing class, brings together sailing talent from around the globe.

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